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Monday, May 9, 2011

At Last, its Alive-The Liberties of London is Published

The Liberties of LondonThe Liberties of London by Gregory House

The good doctor bids you all a good day, and hopes all his devoted readers and their family's are in perfect health.  Ahem, not requiring any purgatives, emitcs or perhaps drawing a measure of blood.  Excellent, so today I am the bearer of good news, my novella  The Liberties of London the first of perhaps a dozen Red Ned Mysteries has been released on both Amazon Kindle and Smashwords (please check the links at the bottom of the article)  It has been a long time in promise but here it is.  This very reasonably priced novella (99c) complete with map and the first three chapters of the Queen's Oranges is the perfect company for any discerning reader of historical fiction or the Tudor devotee.  I'm not going to give too much away but a sample of the first three chapters is on my other blog.  So if your curious hop over there and have a look, or you can download a sample from Amazon or Smashwords.  

 So parting words from the Good Doctor, read a book, keep well and keep taking the damned pill!

Red Ned Tudor Mysteries, Apprentice Lawyer and Aspiring Rogue

A series of stories following the life and mis adventures of Edward (Red Ned) Bedwell, a young apprentice lawyer at Gray’s Inn and reluctant investigator who experiences first hand the tumult and intrigue during the reigns of the Tudor monarchs from Henry VIII to Queen Elizabeth I. A foot slogger’s view of the dangerous and deadly rivalries, ambitions and human foibles of the Tudor Court. His Sovereign Majesty the King may command and Councillor Cromwell will instruct, but it is poor Ned who has to deal with the inevitable consequences that lead to treachery and murder. In this Ned is mostly aided by the solid friendship of Rob Black, an artificer in iron and bronze. However it also includes the not necessarily appreciated but usually correct hectoring of his sister Mistress Meg Black, an apprentice Apothecary and suspected heretic. With this ill sorted team Ned has to balance solving his master’s instructions with retaining his honour, keeping secrets and somehow climb up the greasy pole of advancement in the Tudor Age.

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Since I’m the author of this novella I naturally think its pretty good, however it is for you the reader to make you own judgement. Download a sample, see what you think, if you like it or have a comment please let me know.

Regards Gregory House