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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Blog for Tudor Mystery Series

To all my dear fans and devoted readers, it is with both pleasure and trepidation that the good doctor announces a splitting of his blog. The publishing of his first two Tudor novels is imminent. On Prognostications and Pouting (pleasurable reading for the discerning devotee) we’ve had the search for a cover, which included the diverting headless bimbos theme. An introduction to the Tudors part 1 (A Modern Family) and a number of snippets from the first two Tudor novels, The Cardinals Angels and The Queens Oranges scattered amongst the blog posts. So my loyal readers considering that I’m also about to continue my posts on the two world wars along with more reports on the onward march of EBooks. I believe it is time to create a Tudor period blog, where aficionados of our favourite early modern royal dynasty can in the comfort of their own parlours view the foibles, politics and dynastic bloodletting of Henry VIII’s Court and the Reformation. All this from the viewpoint of the lowly and reluctant Red Ned Bedwell apprentice lawyer at Grays Inn and his rather forthright ahh ‘associate’ Meg Black apprentice apothecary, heretical book smuggler and occasional barber surgeon. Along with her brother Rob and the grim faced family retainer Rodger Hawkins, they find themselves entangled in the deadly schemes of the powerful.

Thus to survive Ned Bedwell has to become a Pursuivant, the Tudor equivalent of a detective. Now Ned’s no stranger to many of the doubtful pastimes of the Liberties of London and notorious Southwark. Where he has a reputation as ‘Red Ned’ victor of Canting Michael’s deadly baiting pits at Paris Gardens. However he needs more than street cunning and luck at the dicing table to manoeuvre his way through the perilous pitfalls and plots of Tudor murder, treachery and intrigue. Luckily Ned has the feisty Meg Black to ‘advise’ him, that’s if he can trust her or she isn’t running some secret heretical scheme that could also get them all hung or burnt at the stake.

So go to the new blog site
and feel free to read the prologue of The Cardinal’s Angels. Also within the month I will have a Red Ned short story The Liberties of London ready to roll out, the front cover, prologue and first chapter will be previewed on this site.

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  1. I enjoyed reading through this. Fascinating material to write about. The Tudors are one era of History I find interesting. (My British background I guess.)